Hey World!
You're probably lost right now. Most likely dazed and confused stumbling around in the endless passages of the cyberweb. You'll be glad to know that I am not the Cyborg-Arachnid Overlord that has been controlling your life, much though I'd like to be. *Sigh* Alas, you have actually come across the internet layer of that crazy-ass physco everbody warned you about.


6/16/10: A few weeks ago I went to a resturant called Jackson's Mighty Fine Food and Lucky Lounge for lunch. I was looking at the menu trying to decide what to eat when something in the sandwich section caught my eye: Slow Roasted French Dip. I knew right then and there that I had to order it. So I did and few minutes later I fell in love. Words cannot describe what it looked like or what it tasted like execpt for this one: delicious! That was the best sandwich I have ever had and probably ever will. As soon as I can get a picture of it I will post it.

Hey woah Pics from a long time ago!

My Horses
"Big herd, huh?"

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister
"My Family."

Like the design?
"Pretty, huh?"

Dudes dig  the ride
"Sweet ride"

"Umm.....how am I supposed to remember all this again?"

I tell you she's a devil
"I wanted a cat but noooooooo they had to get her instead."

There are 6 fish
"Can you find the fish?"

Die, Santa, Die!
"We can not tell a lie.  We killed Santa Klaus."

Shh!!! If anyone asks,I'm a magnet!
"If I don't move they might not notice me......."

Still art
"How much are we getting paid again?............"

Stand back

Whatch you lookin at?
"Fat Cat"

Just walk away
"Leavin the scene of the crime."